Vertical Textile Design

Ranging from classic structures to complex surface effects, Studio Z is continually evolving vertical surface textiles to support beauty, performance, and sustainability in the architectural environment. Through the interplay of texture, color, and refined surface artistry we create original and fresh designs.  We continue to explore and innovate through our ongoing involvement with textile technologies, yarn constructions, applications and user needs.   Along with our focus on aesthetic resolution, our textiles are designed and engineered to meet the high performance standards of the Furniture Manufacturers and Textile Jobbers in the Contract Office Industry.  A few of our designs are featured below.

Haworth | Thorman

A full width Ombre designed for Haworth.  This meticulously crafted weave flows smoothly between colors, creating a modern and elegant effect. Textural, minimal, and experiential, Thorman by Haworth inspires and transforms a space.

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Pallas Textiles | Verona Collection

Since the Middle Ages, Verona has been an important artistic centre, alive with painters, architects and storytellers, even serving as the romantic setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Many of the works by these northern Italian masters are now housed in Castelvecchio, a castle turned museum, restored by architect Carlo Scarpa. Inspired by Scarpa’s ability to balance old and new, the Verona Collection embraces the intricate details of spacious architecture and the textural patina of history. The patterns meld re ned modernism with organic textures to create dimensional interest and timeless diversity.

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Pallas Textiles

Pattern, weave, and color design for Pallas Textiles.  With an emphasis on natural building materials such as Travertine stone, Glissade, and Rattan as inspiration, these vertical fabrics lend a soft and textured feel to any space. 

Guild 360 Vista Program

The Vista program conceived and designed by Studio Z was supplied and supported by the late Mastercraft/GuildThreeSixty textile supplier.  Vista was an innovative approach to supporting the Textile Jobber in meeting the A&D market demand for custom color and pattern in vertical surface.

The key Textile Jobbers in the Contract Industry were supplied with two VISTA boxes.  One box contained a set of original Studio Z patterns, production ready and sampled in two colors: one on a light warp and one on a dark warp.  This box also contained a Vista book, giving a color key based on the weaves used in each pattern.  All the patterns were woven in a pre-selected group of six weaves.  The second box was a color box, containing a full range of color options that could be applied to any of the patterns.  The color box contained woven swatches, using the preselected weaves on a set of 12 production ready warps and 50 production ready fill colors.

Guild 360 Open Line


Jacqard Woven Tapestry

Designed and woven with control across the entire loom, this tapestry reveals full width variation capabilities.  Visually interesting from both sides. Beautiful as wall art as well as offers opportunity in space division.