Product Design

From the inception of Studio Z in 1988, Anna's intent has been to not only design distinct textiles and surface qualities, but to integrate textiles within product design in a functional and aesthetically novel way.  Her background in Industrial Design and an initial career at Steelcase has lead to a variety of product explorations and innovations.  Studio Z has a unique capability for inventing and designing within this dynamic realm of the product and textile relationship.  The studio welcomes and continually pursues opportunities and ideas within this arena.


Experimental Product collaborations using Studio Z's Jacqform™ weaving technology have been explored with several partners including: Steelcase Conceptual Seating Project, Steelcase Details, Izzy Design, Studio Z Seating Designs, and the Studio Z Line. Read more about Jacqform™ here.

Concept Work Surface

Conceptual products for the furniture industry.  Designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are on the move or need an instant office. Concept models include an oversized mouse pad, organizer-divider screens, ergonomic laptop ramp, digital print coaster, and custom woven elastic powerbox for your desktop power strip.

Go Pocket

For travel or for day to day, the Go Pocket was developed as just that: a pocket for those who go, and can be part of any wardrobe.  Jacqform™ woven, laser cut, and treated with a nanotex finish to keep your precious items moisture and stain free.  Easy to wash, carry, and love.  Small scale, limited edition series by Studio Z.

Utilizing our Jacqform™ utility patent, Studio Z develops fabric parts that enhance and simplify the manufacturing process of objects, integrating woven design within a products specific geometry to produce jacquard woven parts ready for application.   It's truly a fresh look at the product - fabric relationship dynamic. 

Curious about Jacqform™?  Learn more here. 

Kids Chair

Brain child of the adult Club Chair, this piece is adaptable, creative, and playful.  Easily transforms into a bed, countless forts, divider screen, store front, phone booth, and anything else one can imagine.  

Roddy Hopper Kinetics Chair