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With a history of connecting industries and opening doors into new markets for large-scale entities, founder and designer, Anna Zaharakos, understands the great value in ongoing relationships within the industry and honors those intuitively.  Anna is a powerhouse of ideas and has the unique ability to think outside of the box, yet within the working systems of the industry.  With her bountiful collection of inventive solutions in the textile and product design world, she proves to have thoughtful trend forecasting that rains true time and time again.  Anna's experience lends enhanced forethought during the design process for faster advancement, positive-testing, and beautiful results.

Anna has found a special niche in reinventing the textile 'plain'.  Opportunity tends to reveal itself, once particular boundaries exist.  From this place, she has grown to be an accomplished panel and vertical fabric designer.  Focusing here has lead her to develop natural and complex surface textures that enhance one's environment and impart a sophisticated softness to one's space.  

Anna is a determined self starter who demands function and practicality, yet simultaneously embraces unique and mesmerizing aesthetics.  Utilizing her Jacqform™ utility patent, Anna develops fabric parts that enhance and simplify the manufacturing process of objects.  Instead of viewing fabric as an after thought, or applied surface, Anna takes pride in integrating woven and knit design within a product's specific geometry to produce jacquard created parts ready for application.  This allows for product-tailored components, part-specific patterns, and woven-in-place pockets, channels, seams, extensions, and other forms.  This ground breaking technology minimizes waste, sewing, and hand work, while maximizing strength and customization.  It's truly a fresh look at the product - fabric relationship dynamic.




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